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Counselling with me is a place where you can find a therapist whose aim is to provide support, listen and understand what you need. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your current circumstance you may experience a sense of isolation and sadness. Talking to a professional can help, which is where I come in. Cultural issues, Depression, Anxiety, Isolation, Domestic violence and Trauma support are some of the issues I am trained and experienced in. Bereavement and loss can leave us feeling lost and confused, speaking to a professional can alleviate the challenges you face and help you to make sense of what you are feeling. Counselling with me is a place where I share articles on mental health, mindfulness and other techniques which you may find helpful.
I offer Long term and short term online sessions which include video link sessions, as well as face to face counselling and telephone counselling. When you are ready for counselling you can get in touch where I offer a free 20 min consultation. More information on the therapy I offer is accessible here.

Latest information and Blogs

The death of a loved one

Today it’s been 11 years since we (my family and I) lost my eldest sister. Her battle with cancer was short but it was lethal. Within being diagnosed a month later she was gone.  Each year I find the anniversary of her death difficult. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one will agree that… Continue reading The death of a loved one

Can a counsellor FIX Me?

One of the misconceptions of counselling is that the counsellor or therapist has all the answers. The counsellor has a number of techniques which have been learnt, practiced and acquired that can be helpful to the client. A counsellor isn’t there to tell you how you should and shouldn’t lead your life. Your life is… Continue reading Can a counsellor FIX Me?

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Can’t thank Sultana enough she got me through one of the hardest times in my life and am confident that I will use her for any counselling needs in the future.

Client Testimony

It’s great to see holistic approaches to wellbeing and counselling like this 💚💚💚

Client Testimony